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   Frequently Asked Questions

6.With all the career assessments out there, why should I choose Careerfutura?

Although there are many assessments, few, if any, approached work from a comprehensive perspective. Fewer still covered all four aspects of career selection (Personality, Interests, Skills, and Study Habits). Most only cover one or two of these areas. More than one test is usually necessary to cover all of the components of a complete personal profile.?Careerfutura?was developed based on comprehensive principles and designed to provide a full profile in one assessment report. Today,?Careerfutura?is still one of the only assessments that profile all four aspects of career selection.

7.What makes Careerfutura unique?

Components of?Careerfutura?provide information similar to other well-known assessments which cover those components such as aptitude, personality, interest, Intelligence, etc. However,?Careerfutura?includes personality, interests, skills, aptitude, and financial management factors in one assessment, making it one of the most comprehensive assessments available.

8.How long does it take to complete the Careerfutura assessment?

All our test packages are approximately 2 hours long. In the online mode however, there is a facility for log out at any stage of the test. The test can be from anywhere you are comfortable.

9.How many people have taken the Careerfutura assessment?

An exact count is not possible. However, since inception our assessment has been taken by 5000+ applicants and the process continue.

10.What is the research history behind Careerfutura assessment?

Briefly, the assessment was developed over a two-year period using standard psychometric principles and testing thousands of applicants. The assessment is not based or derived from existing instruments but was developed from scratch with an idea to develop a comprehensive
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