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  • "It was very comprehensive and it gave me a proper idea of what I would want to do further in life. Counselling was good and it helped me to analyze my potential."

    - Dipali Gupta, 12th Std, Mercedes-Benz Inhternational School.
    Pune, Maharashtra

  • "Thank you careerfutura, for the best advice. I am now feeling more confident and sure about my career path."

    - Pinak Naresh Joshi, 10th Std.
    Pune, Maharashtra

  • "The report gives clear and thoughtful recommendations about various career options that are clearly best suited to my abilities and interests."

    - Sanjana Ashit Shah, 11th Std.
    Pune, Maharashtra

  • "I'm very happy with the career guidance report of carrerfutura. I feel so much better about my future now. It's a great feeling. I will strongly recommend you to all my friends."

    - Megha Arali, 11th Std.
    Pune, Maharashtra

  • "I was not clear about what I want to be,after the test what I got is a very specific career recommendations focusing on my strengths and shortfalls along with my interests. I am happy with the in-depth information."

    - Shruti Subramanyam, 11th Std.
    Pune, Maharashtra

  • " I am very happy with the test. Very interesting test and career counselling was very good.It helped me to understand my capabilities."

    -Rohit Haore, Science, The Bishop School.
    Pune, Maharashtra

  • "I was confused about what to choose after 10th. Careerfutura helped me in deciding which stream i should opt for. Thanks to careerfutura."

    -Jahnavi Tyagi, APS Kirkee, 11th Std.
    Pune, Maharashtra

  • " Careerfutura assessment is very practical, efficient and accurate. Counselling clears all my doubts and gives clear view of what i am going to do in future. Very helpful for path selection."

    -Vrinda Avhad, Ashoka Universal School.
    Nashik, Maharashtra

  • "Careerfutura has unique and professional programs for students. It helps them to map their career in all the possible ways, so that, they can establish an effective career planning to choose their best suited career."

    -Mrs. Alpa Kotadia, Principal.
    Vapi Public School, Gujarat

  • "Careerfutura test covers all aspects that are required to choose right careerpath."

    - Shruti Jamdar, 10th Std. St.Ursulla High School.

  • "The guidance was needful to eliminate career confusion; Careerfutura gave me nice career option which could help till life time."

    - Pradnya Sasane, 12th Std, Nowrojee Wadia College.
    Pune, Maharashtra

  • "It was very comprehensive and it gave me a proper idea of what I would want to do further in life. Counseling was good and it helped me to analyze my potential."

    - Dipali Gupta, 12th Std, Mercedes-Benz Inhternational School.
    Pune, Maharashtra

  • "This venture has helped me a lot in understanding my abilities to a better extent. The counselling has also been very helpful in terms of improving my skills and capabilities."

    - Tanya Sakhalkar, 9th Std, D.A.V Public School.

  • "After got confused with future of mine, Careerfutura guided me towards my career path by identifying my special area of interest and where to work upon. It showed me the path of direction toward setting my own goal. "

    - Nikhil Kumar, 12th Std, APS.
    Kirkee, Maharashtra

  • "I was totally confused about my future career but then Careerfutura gave the support by counselling. The guidance was too excellent as it cleared off my all worries and confusion."

    - Yogiraj Khandale, 12th, C K Goyal Junior College.

  • "Excellent informative counselling! ,Highly satisfied with the guidance given."

    - Safeer Bhola, 10th Std.

  • "Careerfutura had explored me to various innovative things that I could have not imagined. It helped me to know my strength and weakness to achieve my aim."

    - Faraz Hariyani, 12th Std, Sardar Dastur Jr. College.

  • "It was really helpful to recover from my mistakes and will prove a very grateful thing in my future."

    - Neeraj Chavan, 12th Std.

  • "Got to know my ability in particular field along with perseverance of my area of interest in the same."

    - Omkar Magidwar, 12th,M.M.C.C.

  • "Careerfutura supported me in my career planning by answering all my queries related to my career confusion."

    - Snehal Hargade, 12th Std, Army Public School. Kirkee

  • "Firstly I came to know about my potential and secondly my abilities where they suit the best other than Medical stream."

    - Komal Mane, 12th Std,CES Prerna College.

  • "Careerfutura has cleared out all my doubts related to my career aspects and also guided me towards a successful aspired career."

    - Saiprasad Sheshadri, 11th Std, J.S,P.M.
    Pune, Maharashtra

  • " I was confused about which stream i should adopt for, but then after careerfutura's assessment only i could decide my career path."

    - Anjali Kotnala, 10th Std, Kendriya Vidhyalaya.
    Dehuroad, Pune

  • "The Counselling was good and I got all the information regarding various course and career options available as per my ability and potential."l

    - Jasmine Rehman, 12th Std, Wadia College.
    Pune, Maharashtra

  • "The guidance session was of very much informative and appreciative. The test focuses on all the aspects of career that a student could pusue."

    - Arshi Thanawala, 10th Std, Wadia college.
    Pune, Maharashtra

  • "The counselling session was informative as well as interactive where I could clear all my doubts and queries regarding my future career."

    - Rushabh Redasani,10th, CIS.
    Pune, Maharashtra

  • "Careerfutura provided me excellent career counselling and guidance required to choose the right careerpath. "

    - Aman malzhani,11th Std.

  • "Very useful for students who are confused about their career.It was satisfying and motivational session. Thanks to Careerfutura for sorting out me from career confusion."

    - Aniket Tambe, 12th Std, Khalsa college.

  • "Careerfutura meets with the student?s expectations in choosing their right career and right course."

    - Saheb Somji,11th Std,Choksey.

  • "Thanks Careerfutura! Such a nice venture helping students in their most valuable career decision point. All queries were answered and I am satisfied. "

    - Imtiyaz Hariyani,11th Std, Aga Khan Academy.

  • "I am satisfied and i will recommend Careerfutura to all my friends so that they can get rid of career confusion."

    - Danisha Merchant, 12th Std, Symbosis.

  • "The counselling session made me realize my potential and growth in various career options available for me based on my capabilities. It also gave me various direct ideas and suggestions to achieve my right career."

    - Azara Merchant, 12th.

  • "Careerfutura helped me to know myself and my strength to achieve my ambition."

    - Aaquib Rayani, 10th , J.N.Petit Technical High School.

  • "Careerfutura gave me many ways to excel in the profession which I want to go."

    - Ayiesha Nilgiriwala, 10th, St.Mira?s School.
    Pune, Maharashtra

  • "The counselling session was quite satisfying and up to the expectations."

    - Ziyaadali Amlani,10th,The Bishop?s School.
    Pune, Maharashtra

  • "Very inspirational, It helped to sort out the problems related to study habits. Cleared all doubts about career and how to move on when you are confused and unsuccessful in making career decision. I am very much satisfied as it has enlightened my future career scope."

    - Fahim Parmar,12th Std, Wadia college.
    Pune, Maharashtra

  • "The career futura assessment program is really good and supportive to students baffled with career confusion."

    - Nidhi Khinvasara, 10th Std,St.Helena High School.

  • "I was much confused about which stream I should chooseto achieve a successful career. For this the counseling session was essential to know my career options and which were fruitfully suggested by Careerfutura counsellors."

    - Arbaazali Jeena, 10th Std, Bishop?s High School.
    Pune, Maharashtra

  • "Good guidance and suggestions offered by Careerfutura in deciding which future career should we opt for. Thanking you for such helpful activity for students."

    - Rohan Hirani, 10th Std, The Bishops?s School.
    Pune, Maharashtra

  • "Careerfutura helps the student to identify the broad areas of career depending on their abilities."

    - Alishia Musani, 10th Std, St.Felix High School.

  • "Careerfutura helps in self-assessment and awareness of individual skills, values, interests and personality traits that are essential to choose the right career path and right career."

    - Sahil Shivani, 11th Std, S.M.Choksey.

  • "All the issues related career aspects of life solved by careerfutura"

    - Shahazim Samnanai,11th, Ness Wadia College.
    Pune, Maharashtra

  • "Excellent!, Totally satisfied with the reports and the counselling session."

    - Tamanna Pattarwala,10th Std.

  • "I could comfortably share all my queries and my career confusion doubts got cleared too."

    - Shanzeh Jivani,12th Std, St.Mira?s College for Girl;?s.
    Pune, Maharashtra

  • "The Careerfutura test was interesting and made me think a lot. Through counselling session I got my doubts cleared about which stream I should choose and what career options i should choose."

    - Siddhant Shingi,9th std,Nath valley school.

  • "I am really satisfied with the advice given by Careerfutura. Big thanks to Careerfutura for the best advice. I am feeling much better now. My parents too are satisfied with the reports."

    - Aashi Salwan.

  • "Careerfutura test checks our ability and guides us correctly about our future, by giving clear picture of about it. The counselling gives thoughtful recommendations about various career options that clearly best suit me."

    - Abhishek Jain, 12th Std.

  • "Thank you for your counselling. I understood my aim and my future what am I interested in. Careerfutura helped me to decide my future career."

    - Shubhabkar Sawant, 10th Std, St.Ursula High School.
    Pune, Maharashtra

  • "The test and counselling session were very best. I found it very much satisfying as it tested all the abilities of mine, which could suit the best future career of mine."

    - Abhishek Moghe, 10th Std, Sinhagad Spring Dale.
    Pune, Maharashtra

  • "Excellent! I am delighted by the Careerfutura guidance program. I am now confident to choose my best future career ."

    - Pranav Ananat Dhavale, 11th Std, Sinhagad Spring Dale.
    Pune, Maharashtra

  • "I was not all aware of which career option suits me the best. I was totally confused but then Careerfutura enlighten my strengths and shortfalls. Depending on which now I am sure of best career that suits me the best."

    - Pushkar Pansare, 10th Std.

  • "It was a good experience. The counselling made be satisfied and quite confident regarding my future career step."

    - Rakshanda Jambat, 10th Std, Tender Home Care.

  • "The test was deliberate and intense; Counselling was done in analytical manner which helped me to analyze my potential and capabilities."

    - Akhilesh Bendre,12th, APS.

  • "It was a bit new but very inspiring. The Careerfutura test format is very well developed. It made me to think about my study habits and all my regular learning techniques. "

    - Diksha Agarwal, 12th, C.E.S. Abhiman Jr.College.

  • "This program has helped me to know my strength and weaknesses also guided me for improvement. This could help me to achieve my ambition by choosing the right career path. Thanks to Careerfutura."

    - Anuj Ashtekar,8th Std,Podar International School.

  • "It?s really appreciative and I am fully satisfied by the test as well as counselling. This will definitely help me to achieve my dream career by choosing the right career path."

    - Sharyu Puranik, 12th, Abeda Inamdar Junior College.
    Pune, Maharashtra

  • "Careefutura helped a lot by guiding and making me aware of much more options for my career. Now I am confident about which stream to take after my 10th.Feeling good since sorted out from big career confusion."

    - Ankita Ahuja,10th Std,Shantinikitan.
    Pune, Maharashtra

  • "Counselling was good enough. It helped me to get a clear idea about my future. I came to know about my strength and weakness. I will surely work upon for the improvement as per the suggestions given by Careerfutura."

    - Ameya Shinde, 10th.

  • "Counselling was very helpful and got to know about various fields in which I can boost my career. Successful career planning can be done through Careerfutura."

    - Rutuja Javalekar, 12th, Jaihind Junior College.
    Pune, Maharashtra

  • "Excellent concept! Very helpful in career planning and choosing the right career path. The report gives clear and thoughtful recommendations about various career options that are clearly best suited to my abilities and interests."

    - Omkar Ladkat, 10th Std, New Life Centre High School.

  • "Careerfutura is simply the best. It sorted my career confusion."

    - Darshil Shah,10th, St.Vincent?s High School.
    Pune, Maharashtra

  • "The test was very nice and interesting. The reports thoroughly described my abilities and enlighten me about -How to overcome the weaknesses."

    - Rishab Dey, 12th, Delhi Public School.

  • "It helped me to know my personality and mental capacity. It made me clear about my future plans. I got brief details of the future career scope. Thanks to Careerfutura."

    - Chirag Rao, 12th, NCL Jr.College.

  • "Careerfutura counselling made me realize the importance of my future and career planning. I wish every student should once take the Careerfutura test so that they get rid of career confusion like I had."

    - Vivek Kamble, 12th, Bharat English School & Jr.College.

  • "It was a great session, Information and answers about all queries were given, Suggestions were given according to the abilities that were shared."

    - Salmaan Hasnani, 11th, Wadia College.
    Pune, Maharashtra

  • "I got more than what I expected. Knowing my potential has increased my confidence about my future career. Counselling session explored me with suggestions that would surely help me in my career path."

    - Vaibhav Rane.

  • "Nice and very good! It is easy to discuss our queries with Careerfutura where the counselors are keen to solve your problems regarding our future career path."

    - Ayushi Agarwal, 12th Std, GG International school.

  • "Careerfutura has explored me with lot more career options other than what I was heading towards. All the suggestions given were appreciative and will be of great support in career planning. We come to know our progress about our academics in our dally life. "

    - Shubham Kadam, 12th, Dr.D.Y.PatilCollege.
    Pune, Maharashtra

  • "This program is today?s need of an hour. It importantly helps in deciding the career path at the stage of career confusion. I am satisfied with Careerfutura as it had directed me to decide my future career depending on my abilities. "

    - Shaunak Aphale, 10th, Vidyanchal School.

  • "After counselling, I felt really good. Since I was confused between IT, Defence & Mechanical Engg , I took Careerfutura test. The detail report on specific career recommendations had cleared me where I should head for. Thank you Careerfutura."

    - Nilay Kasture.

  • "Removes confusion from mind regarding which course to pursue from career point of view."

    - Pushkar Runawal.

  • "I was totally confused about my child?s career. After taking Careerfutura test, I am relaxed and confident about my child and his successful career. Thanks to Careerfutura for the support and helping hand to parents."

    - Rajshri Runawal.

  • "Being a parent I suggest every parent and student to take Careerfutura test. Suggestion or advice given by me based on only personal experience. Surely it will benefit everyone those who are career confused. "

    - Ramakant chavan.

  • "I came to know my interest and in which field I should go. Earlier I was not knowing or truly saying I was confused. Which course, what career I should choose? But then Careerfutura helped me in deciding the right career path and future career. "

    - Prajakta Kshirsagar.

  • "Careerfutura is a good and appreciative concept wherein one can take decision about their future career."

    - Poonam Chikhalkar.

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